2018 Recording Project!

I know this is a crazy late post but I finally figured out how to post up all of the music from the recording project we did back in May!!!

What recording project?

Well, for  years I have been considering doing something like this.  Most of you know that I hold an Annual Student Concert at the end of every year to give each student an opportunity to play in front of an audience and get a feel for what it is like to be on stage with their instrument.  This has proven over the years to provide so much valuable insight and experience that it made me consider the other places that we often play as musicians.

Now I’ve always wanted to hold some type of Spring concert as well, but with the end of the school year, sports, summer vacations and a host of other things, it has always made it practically impossible to schedule something.  That’s when it hit me!!!

Why not do a recording project? As a musician I often find myself playing in 2 places often: the stage and the studio!  So each student was given 2 weeks to prepare a selection from our current repertoire and record it using my mobile studio rig.  I brought my computer, audio interface and microphone into the studio along with a couple pairs of head phones and we spent an entire week recording everyone.  From here we then spent the following week doing post production where we took the raw recordings and talked about mixing, timing, tuning, reverb, compression and other things that you can do in the studio to tighten up the recording.

We hope that you enjoy the music below as we had a blast recording it!!! Please feel free to jump around to all of the different recordings and check them out.  I think the students did an amazing job and it was so cool to see everyone’s reactions during the process.  (Also, i have to mention that some songs I could not post due to copyright infringement as some students were playing to notable songs that were rejected by the website I used to post it…Sorry!)