Vince Rillera has been immersed in the world of music his entire life. From growing up inside of a musical family, he began playing piano as early as 7 years old before starting the alto sax in 4th grade. From there it progressed to playing percussion in junior college (DVC) before finding his voice on Bass Guitar, all while pursuing his interest in production and audio engineering. In 2008 he received his undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University (SFSU) in Music Education and began teaching at Rockin Robbie’s East Bay music in the summer of 2009. His style of teaching is unique since he has been on both sides of the musical spectrum; from learning music by ear and performing all genres of popular music, to studying classical scores and being a member of the SFSU Orchestra, it has helped him to create a method that synchronizes both. By fusing popular music with the concepts of both classical and jazz, he provides each student with their own unique learning experience. To this day he continues to perform, produce and engineer professionally on a regular basis and hopes to continue a life full of music for many years to come.