Below you’ll find word for word testimonials from both parents and students that I have worked with over the years.  It has truly been an honor and a pleasure to work with each of these people on a regular basis, and I cannot express how grateful I am for each of them.  When I was first considering the idea of becoming a teacher I had great reservations about it.  I had become so addicted to learning that I wanted to stay as a full time student for as long as possible.  Luckily, one of my teachers at the time, Mrs. Toni Fannin, gave me these words of wisdom that continue to be true every single day; “Even though you become a teacher, you will always be a student first.”  I guess that is what keeps me coming to work everyday.  So without further ado…


Our oldest son had been taking music lessons since he was about eight. After we moved to the bay area, we struggled to find someone who would continue teaching him and inspiring him. Music was becoming a chore and was a major expense. After another friend’s son beat everyone in Jazz auditions, we inquired and learned he was taking lessons at East Bay Music.

We met with Vince and now both of our sons are taking lessons. Instead of quitting, our oldest son made Jazz, Wind Ensemble and is deciding to apply for college with a music theory major. Our sons are learning music theory simply not taught to students at the high school curriculum. They play daily, they continue to learn the techniques, basic and how to play by ear – with enthusiasm. They love learning from Vince and we love hearing them play.

Just a few weekend ago, our son serenaded the family and family friends. Everyone appreciated it, no one was like ok, shut him up. They really enjoyed it.

The Uribes.


“Vince has been Ryan’s trumpet teacher for over two years, I really appreciate his refreshing teaching style allowing Ryan to participate in his musical path while also working on his band music. Vince makes the learning process fun – much more a collaboration between two musicians than a teacher teaching a student. Vince’s students learn through encouragement and positive guidance, he makes his students laugh when they make mistakes, never utters a negative word and finds a fun way to try again and again to learn a difficult point.  Ryan after only two years has become a decent player, he will pickup a song book and play his any one of his favorite tune be it Beatles, Coldplay or Miles Davis and often picks up his horn to entertain himself. Vince is awesome and makes learning fun! Thank you Vince!

– Robert (and Ryan) Bleeker”

Vince has the education and skills to provide well rounded music instruction.  My son has been studying bass with Vince for over two years and still maintains high interest in his lessons. Vince teaches the basics of music theory while teaching the student to play the instrument. Both my husband and I are professional musicians and can appreciate the quality and dedication that Vince brings to his lessons.  He organizes concerts once a year that provide extra motivation to his students to perfect a few pieces and an opportunity to showcase their talent and ability. He is very personable and you can see that his students enjoy working with him.

Debbie and Doug

“Vince has been extremely welcoming and friendly from the minute we met.  He is flexible with make up lesson times and always follows through with emails.  This is very important for our large family when scheduling.  My 11 year old son says he is cool and helps you a lot when having trouble with something.”

Charlie Verhoeven

If anyone has ever considered taking drums and thought it was too late in your life to learn  then  you haven’t met Vince.

He won’t even consider that you won’t learn, it’s just a matter of when do you want to start.

Vince gets right down to business and makes learning fun and simple.

I feel fortunate I found Vince as a drum instructor and know others considering looking for an instructor won’t be disappointed either.

Connie Alman

We are the proud parents of a exuberant 9 year old daughter who wanted to learn how to play the violin. In a little over a year, Vince had her reading music and playing the violin. She was taught and learned to play well enough to join a specialized violin group that was invited to play their violins at California Disney(c) this pass spring (2014). Vince is a very passionate teacher who cares for his students. He has the patiences to walk with them each note of the way. We are grateful to have found such a gem in our city!

-K Bozeman

Vincent Rillera is an incredible, versatile music teacher with a  a great approach to the students. My son took alto saxophone lessons with Vince for 1 year. During that time Vince was able to pass a lot of knowledge to my son,who continues in the school band this year and plans to do so next year and after. I would highly recommend Vincent to anyone interested in having their child deepen their interest in music and playing a musical instrument, learning the skills from Vince makes the whole difference in the world!

-Ania K. Concord, CA