Date Night Dinners with D!

So as I am always on a never ending quest to improve and learn new things, I can’t help but get excited when someone has a really good idea.  After a lengthy conversation with my old friend “D,” who just so happens to be a really great guy and an incredible chef he told me about this great idea for a cooking show that he had.  As we began to brainstorm I basically told him, “Hey I got a camera and I know how to use iMovie…Wussup?!?!” LOL… So after a day of shooting and countless hours of editing we now have one of my latest ventures, “Date Night Dinners with D.”

In this day in age with everyone’s hectic schedules people are constantly having to schedule a “date night” to get out,  unwind a little bit and spend some time together.  We figure rather than go out and spend money on dinner, you can try these easy to make recipes at home (that are delicious by the way) for that special someone and maybe pick up some cooking tips along the way.  When you have a chance check it out and feel free to let me know what you think!